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Written by Carrie Booth

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I try to make some linguistically relevant trips each year in order to beef up my French and Spanish skills. Staying with friends is always a great option as it tends to allow for plenty of conversation practice as well as some insider cultural treats.

Living as a translator in your native or ‘A’ language country has both pros and cons. On the plus side, my English is great! The downside is that I don’t use my ‘B’ languages on a daily basis. So even though I may have just finished a highly complicated translation on radio transmitters for aircraft, I may still struggle with ordering food in a local restaurant.  Travel is a great way to boost language skills without classroom or textbook time. Even where the country you visit has a different language, the linguist response still kicks in and I come home more inspired to study my existing languages.

It was a sensitive piece of work

The Translation Booth were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Their professional and efficient approach to the task was admirable. As it was a sensitive piece of work we required translated, legal expertise was essential, which thankfully the Translation Booth has in abundance.

Blair Aitken, Hunter Boot Ltd

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