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Written by Carrie Booth

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Say what?? Bertie has only gone and started his own chat show, ‘CATch up with Bertie’! What a boy…
Over the coming months I’ll post some of his probing interviews with translators and other freelancers and business owners where different working patterns, choices of pet and best office snacks are compared.
Kicking things off is our good pal, Karo:

Name: Karoline Spiessl
Business: translationsNZ
Languages: German (native), English, French, Russian

Do you work in your pyjamas?
Absolutely not. I work from home, but putting on “normal” clothes helps me to get into the right mind set for translating.

You’re a native German speaker living in New Zealand. How do you keep up your native language?
Good question! I definitely need to work actively on keeping up my German. I subscribe to the German weekly Der Spiegel and read books and online articles in German. Plus, there’s calls/messaging with German friends and family, and there are quite a few Germans living in NZ as well.

What makes a client good to work with?
When the client and I work together in order to achieve a common goal, i.e. when I am not just given a text to translate without any way of getting in touch, but when the client stays involved and we produce a great end product together. A friendly tone in emails and calls also goes a long way. And I’m not opposed to prompt payment either…

Do you stay physically active? How do you stave off the aches and pains that go hand in hand with a desk job?
If I have been sitting at the desk for two days straight, I really need to do engage in some sort of activity. My go-to sport is running, because it is just so easy and can be done in pretty much any weather. As soon as the ocean heats up a bit in spring, I enjoy going surfing.

Do you have a pet?
Yes. A cat named Django and a dog named Cassie.

Can you get rid of the dog?

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I was very impressed with the quick turnaround, friendly service and the hand delivery of the translations.

I would recommend Carrie to any other professional services company.

Amy Zoltie, Pagan Osborne Solicitors

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