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Example pricing

Example quotations, to help you gauge the size of your job.

How is the price of your translation calculated?

Translation rates vary greatly so a tailor-made quote is issued for each job. A price per project will be calculated based on the time needed to carry out the work. Discounts may be made for repetitive documents and high-volume assignments. Supplements may be added for rush jobs, processing of difficult file types, etc.

To help you budget, please refer to the guide rates below, bearing in mind that these are for indication only:

Guide prices per word of source text

(not applicable to certified translations*)

Standard content Technical content
French £0.10 – £0.12 £0.12 – £0.14
Spanish £0.10 – £0.12 £0.12 – £0.14
Minimum fee: £40 £0.10 – £0.12 £0.12 – £0.14

* Per-word translation rates do not apply to certified translations, i.e. certificates requiring a translator’s declaration of accuracy and delivery of a hard copy. Guide prices for some typical examples of certified translations can be found below:

Guide prices per page for certified translations

(prices include postage of one hard copy)

Criminal record certificate: £40 – £55

Birth certificate: £45 – £65

Degree certificate/transcript papers: £45 – £65

Minimum fee:  £40

Please Note:

All prices are in GBP but payment in EUR is also accepted. A conversion will be made based on the exchange rate at the time.

Quotes are normally free of charge but large complex projects requiring significant file processing, research, phone calls, etc. will be charged. Such charges will be discounted from the invoice if the quote is subsequently accepted.




Fast, reliable and accurate at every stage of the process

Since we first met, in 2010, Carrie and I have been collaborating on a variety of projects: from revisions to translations, from linguistic consultations to special projects.

She has always been very helpful, as well as fast, reliable and accurate at every stage of the process. I would definitely recommend Carrie to people who have translation and language-related needs.

Agnese Morettini, Traduzione & Accessibilità

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