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Legal, financial & technical: French & Spanish to English

General Translation

Although The Translation Booth specialises in technical texts, simpler and more general texts are welcomed.

General translation

Legal Translation

Legal texts need to be translated by experts. A bad translation can lead to problems later on so it is important to use the right people from the start.

Legal translation

Financial Translation

Time spent working in-house for a Big 4 accounting firm and an investment bank should give clients confidence that finance-related documents are in good hands with Carrie.

Financial translation

Technical Translation

After years of translating demanding technical texts, Carrie has developed a sound knowledge of technical terminology in a range of sectors.

Technical translation

Business Translation

Carrie will work with you to deliver a translation that is appropriate for your target audience and fits with the style of your company.

business translation

Certified Translation

Carrie is an Associate of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and a degree-qualified translator. She can certify your translations for presentation to UK authorities.

Certified translation

Fast, reliable and accurate at every stage of the process

Since we first met, in 2010, Carrie and I have been collaborating on a variety of projects: from revisions to translations, from linguistic consultations to special projects.

She has always been very helpful, as well as fast, reliable and accurate at every stage of the process. I would definitely recommend Carrie to people who have translation and language-related needs.

Agnese Morettini, Traduzione & Accessibilità

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