Legal, financial & technical translation from French & Spanish to English

Technical Translation

Technical texts & documents from French & Spanish to English

Technical translation requires an ability to use industry-specific terminology. Subjects are thoroughly researched and specialist terminology databases and glossaries consulted. Carrie can also create glossaries and termbases to be read alongside your translations.

Your translation can be edited in such a way that the information is appropriate for its audience, whether it be an audience of experts or laymen.

Documents translated include:

  • User guides
  • Design specifications
  • Product reviews
  • Packaging
  • Safety guides and warnings
  • Patents
  • Instruction manuals
  • Product descriptions
  • Labelling
  • Manufacturing information
  • Operating procedures
  • Regulatory documents

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Important Business Documents

I used the Translation Booth in 2015 to translate some important business documents relating to the European rail industry.

I needed the documents translated quickly from French to English and Carrie provided a friendly and prompt service. I was particularly impressed by her ability to translate the vast majority of the technical terms, most of which were very industry-specific.

I have no hesitation in recommending her work for anyone looking for a high quality business translation service.

Alan Erskine, Adventis Consulting

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