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Our "About Us" is really "About You"

Our business adapts to you; not the other way around.

The Translation Booth was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2009. We provide bespoke language services, calling on carefully selected linguists, researchers and document specialists. We have worked extensively in law, finance and engineering; both locally and abroad. The company is run by professional translators, making it unusual for a translation agency. 


Our approach is translator-led, not sales-led.

Every job is approached from the mind of a translator. Documents are assessed by experienced professionals who know what to look out for. Many are lawyers, scientists and engineers themselves. By selecting professional linguists with industry experience and relevant academic backgrounds, we are able to deliver exceptional results.

Our workflow is collaborative

We encourage client involvement. We want to help you achieve the best possible document or copy for your audience and we know that no-one knows your business better than you. Our work in the luxury goods and services sector is special because we listen to you and your brand's story and we study your established marketing and corporate style.

We create a respectful environment for our team. 


We would prefer to engage more linguists than to see one struggle, and we will never ask a translator to work for less than their ask. As experienced translators ourselves, we feel strongly about maintaining standards in an industry that is evolving to squeeze the translator. Maintaining good translator relationships and raising the profile of professional linguists is a priority for us.

Carrie Booth
Founder of The Translation Booth

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