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We enjoy working with academics and researchers on whatever they throw at us: from music to law to chemistry... We do plenty of research at our end and our translators come from a range of academic and professional backgrounds, meaning there is always someone suitable to translate your specialist work and to discuss writing style.​

  • Books

  • Journal articles 

  • Manuscripts

  • Theses and dissertations

  • Research materials

  • Technical and scientific data

When putting together a manuscript – a book, an article – you are dependent on a few key helpers to uphold the quality of the finished product. Librarians, archivists, editors, proof readers, and, last but not least, translators. In addition, to keep stress levels down, you need to be able to trust the input you get, that your collaborators finish on time, and reply in a helpful, professional manner. The Translation Booth delivers on all these things, and provide a service of high quality throughout – accurate, on time, thorough and friendly.

Petter Frost Fadnes, University of Stavanger, Norway

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