French Translation

As a law graduate and former accounts assistant, I specialise in French to English translation for law and finance. However, I also have extensive knowledge a number of other subject areas including technology, business, entertainment, food, culture, art and gaming, and I welcome translation projects pertaining to a wide variety of genres.


I offer the following translation services:

- French to English Legal Translation
- French to English Financial Translation
- French to English Technical Translation
- French to English Business Translation
- French to English Website localisation
- Proofreading and Editing of Translations
- Proofreading and Editing of English Texts
- Post Editing of Machine Translated Texts


I can be consulted via telephone, email or Skype
if you would like to chat about your needs prior to assigning a project or to find out how your translation is progressing during the translation process itself.

Work is normally carried out remotely via the Internet, but I can also travel (from Edinburgh or Inverness) to your place of work and carry out the work onsite where this would be beneficial.

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